2019/20 Season

We at #WCR(Women’s Club Rugby) are at a point now where we can no longer run the website on not only a voluntary basis, but actually at a sizeable loss – when you add in the domain registration, web hosting, web security and updates etc – as well as the actual time spent, it’s costing us real money.

During the summer of 2019 a decision will be made on whether or not the website can become viable and therefore continue to provide the fantastic service it has been providing to Tier 2 Women’s Rugby Clubs in the UK, and their vibrant community of followers.

A letter was sent to each Tier 2 club asking if they would be willing to pay £10 a month to contribute towards our running costs. At time of writing this around 8 clubs think it should be doable, with 1 club (Thank you West Park Ladies Leeds!) confirming and only one club responding negatively.

What will this cover?

If enough teams agree to contribute, then all fixtures, results and standings will be available for 2019/20 as they were for the 2018/19 season. In addition, all contributing clubs will continue to have a team page with information on who and where they are like this:


Contributing teams will be able to add their sponsor and contact details to these pages as well as their social media channels.

What’s next?

If we can first become viable, then future plans include adding in the Top Tier of Women’s Rugby from Wales, Ireland and Scotland – as well as Tier 3 in England. I also intend to offer the same service as above to Premier 15s teams at £25 pcm and Tier 3 teams at £5 pcm, to fund the expansion and the additional time and resources required.