A series of Journal Blog Posts by Bruce Perkins.

November 2017

BP’s Blog Part 2 : June 2017

BP's Blog : Part 2 The New Zealand tour : June 2017 Twenty-eight players – the regulation number for the World Cup - were selected for the much-anticipated trip to New Zealand for a 4-way International Series, involving Canada and Australia as well. This brought together the 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd [...]

October 2017

Part 11 : A Sidestep, a Tribute and a Reflection

Bruce Perkins has submitted several 'Journalesque' Blog posts and whilst I intended to post them in order, we wanted to post Part 11 today, while it was 'in the air'.  Normal service shall be resumed forthwith ... Yours in Rugby, - Max. The news breaks on 12 October. Alongside the announcement of [...]

There’s no Rose without a Thorn

Bruce Perkins has sent me several pieces of varying length, all of which warrant publishing on the website - and I intend to post them all in time. I will group them under a single category and they will be easy to find and follow. I really appreciate external content like this, so do [...]

#WRWC2017 The Aftermath

The Women’s World Cup 2017 – the Aftermath, by Bruce Perkins - with foreword by John 'Max' Maxwell I occasionally get sent links to articles on women's rugby, and some come to me direct from the author - as did this piece from Bruce, "I Coached at school for many years, and quite by [...]

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