The Top Scorer lists below are based on data received from the clubs, via the RFU using the GMS system. ‘All Time’ refers to any games played in the Premier 15s (including Semi-finals and Grand Finals) since the competition’s inception for the 2017/18 Season. The lists shall be constantly updated each week when I receive the RFU Round-up reports.

If you have any questions about the lists, please let me know.

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Premier 15s Top Scorers 2020/21.


engMeg JonesFly Half25122378108
engZoe HarrisonFly-half23293395108
engLark DaviesHooker26312100105
engEllie GreenFly Half20-136698
usaGabby CantornaCentre268138493
engEmily ScarrattCentre3195427486
engPoppy CleallBack Row2947170085
engMay CampbellHooker25-170085
engJess BreachWing2318150075
engAbby DowWing2317140070

Premier 15s Top Try Scorers 2020/21.

Premier 15s Top Kickers 2020/21.


engMeg JonesFly Half378076%98
engZoe HarrisonFly Half395080%93
engEllie GreenFly Half366186%93
usaGabby CantornaFly Half384070%88
engEmily ScarrattCentre274064%66
engKaty Daley-McleanFly Half198059%62
walEl SnowsillFly Half234068%58
engLagi TuimaFull Back166084%50
walFlorence WilliamsCentre212081%48
Emma Sing173090%43
Holly Aitchison210078%42
Beth Blacklock69070%39
engHelena RowlandFly Half133067%35
Sarah Nicholas122056%30
Daisy FaheyCentre111077%25
engEmily ScottFly Half, Full Back120047%24
walLleucu GeorgeFly Half44069%20
walRobyn WilkinsFly Half81044%19
Elizabeth GouldenFly Half610015
engLauren CattellCentre50063%10
Sophie De Goede40008
scoLisa ‘Shorty’ MartinCentre, Fly Half40008
Vicky Foxwell-21007
usaJess WoodenFull Back300100%6
scoHelen NelsonCentre11005

Premier 15s ALL TIME Top Scorers 2017-21.

Premier 15s All Time Top Scorers

engEllie GreenFly Half-5154172390
engEllie UnderwoodWing-532820327
engZoe HarrisonFly Half291794140315
Penalty Try--444400308
engPoppy CleallBack Row4759000295
engAbby DowWing1755900293
engKelly SmithWingTBC57000285
engKaty Daley-McleanFly Half1161086120258
engJess BreachWing1849000245
engHeather CowellWing-48000240
engMarlie PackerBack Row7545000225
engShaunagh BrownTH Prop2344000220
engLotte ClappWing-43000215
engEmily ScarrattCentre95155690214
engHelena RowlandFly Half5136040197
Elizabeth GouldenFly Half-357210192
engClaudia MacdonaldScrum Half, Wing1438000190
engLark DaviesHooker3136000180
walEl SnowsillFly Half58749110166
Lucy AttwoodFly Half-212620163
engEmily ScottFly Half, Full BackTBC134620163
Beth Blacklock-933160159
engHannah WestHooker-31000155
usaJess WoodenFull Back-94550150
engMay CampbellHooker-30000150

Premier 15s ALL TIME Top Try Scorers 2017-21.

Premier 15s All Time Top Try Scorers

engPoppy CleallBack Row59
engKelly SmithWing57
engAbby DowWing55
engEllie UnderwoodWing53
engJess BreachWing49
engHeather CowellWing48
engMarlie PackerBack Row45
engShaunagh BrownTH Prop44
engLotte ClappWing43
engClaudia MacdonaldScrum Half, Wing38
engLark DaviesHooker36
engHannah WestHooker31
engMay CampbellHooker30
engSarah HunterNumber 828
scoRhona LloydWing26
engGeorgie ‘GL’ LinghamWing26
engBryony CleallTH Prop25
engAmy CokayneHooker25
Phoebe MurrayCentre25
engLeanne RileyScrum Half24
engRocky ClarkLH Prop23
engHannah ‘Botts’ BottermanLH Prop23
Davinia CatlinHooker22
Rachel LundCentre21
Lucy AttwoodFly Half21

Premier 15s ALL TIME Top Kickers 2017-21.

Premier 15s All Time Top Kickers

1engEllie GreenFly Half15417283%365
2engZoe HarrisonFly Half9414077%230
3engKaty Daley-McleanFly Half8612057%208
4Elizabeth GouldenFly Half5721073%177
5engEmily ScarrattCentre569071%139
6Beth StottFly Half2826067%134
7engHelena RowlandFly Half604066%132
8walEl SnowsillFly Half4911067%131
9usaGabby CantornaFly Half527072%125
10scoLisa ‘Shorty’ MartinCentre, Fly Half477075%115